An other focal area of Wim Nell Agricultural Management Consultant is the presentation of short (3-day) courses in Financial Management in Agriculture and Strategic Management in Agriculture. There are also three one-day courses available for beginner farmers that is normally presented by PetWim Agricultural Consultants CC 2011/084998/23.

Commercial (English & Afrikaans)

Strategiese Benadering in die LandbouStrategic Approach to Farming Success. (Koste/Cost: R 4500 Dep: R900)  Program App Form
Finansiële Beplanning en Bestuur/ Financial Planning and Management.(Koste/ Cost: R2 500 Dep:R600)  Program  App Form

New Commercial (English, Afrikaans & Sotho)

Inleiding tot Boerderybestuur/ Introduction to Farm Management. (Koste/Cost: R1500 Dep:R300)  Program App Form
Bedryfstakbegrotings/ Enterprise Budgets (Koste/Cost: R1500 Dep:R300)  Program  App Form
Die Kontantvloeibegroting en Balansstaat/ The Cashflow budget and Balance Sheet. (Koste/Cost: R1500 Dep:R300)  Program App Form
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